**** is one of the nicest people & he did a great job!  You all are the greatest company, and I will tell everyone about you!

Robert Y. 05-19-2016


All the techs are always so nice & professional.  Also the office staff makes it a pleasure to do business with!

Larry M. 05-11-2016


Wanted to call & praise our tech.  He went above & beyond yesterday.  Just wanted to let the office know that he really deserved a pat on the back.

Shane R. 04-19-2016


We have been a customer with MAR-VON since October 7, 2013 and continue to be pleased with their product and service.  ***** has been our technician every quarter and he has been professional and friendly.  ***** understands MAR-VON products and is definitely an asset to his company.  He always answers questions politely and we look forward to seeing him every quarter.  We plan on continuing our business relationship with this company.

Joseph L. 04/08/2015


Our tech was wonderful!  He explained everything so well!  He is appreciated very much!

Helen O. 04-06-2016


I just have to take a minute to brag on ***** again.  We couldn't ask for a better technician.  We have a rule that everyone must clean their shoes on shoe brushes at the doors before entering the building.  An associate went into the building ahead of ***** and did not wipe his shoes.  ***** however stopped and correctly wiped his shoes before entry.  It may not sound like much but yesterday my co-worker had a call from a production worker about one of his contractors not following the rules.  I never have to worry about getting a call like that on *****.  Also, he is very conscientious about calling me before he goes into our construction areas, alerting me to problems with the bait boxes and just doing a great job all the way around.  I was so proud of him that I told my manager about these things today too.  I work with a lot of contractors.  They aren't kidding when they say it is hard to find good help.  It makes me extremely grateful when I do have a contractor that I can count on.  ***** is a valuable part of our company. We can't sell automotive parts if those parts are contaminated with pests.  Please thank him from all of us here!

Commercial Manufacturing Customer 04/02/2015


I want to compliment *****!  I enjoyed him very much.  Also enjoys **.  All the techs are just very good!

Jerry L. 03/23/2015


 I have always been very happy with our pest control company, Marvon, and today I want to give **, the tech, a shout out.  He offered to help me carry my groceries in from my car.

Donna W. 03/20/2015


***** was very nice when he came out.  Enjoyed his visit very much.

Audrey I. 03/02/2015


Very impressed with the company.  They were very prompt & will definitely continue using them and have already referred two other people!

Linda C. 01/07/2015


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